AULASICURA is an innovative indoor air quality monitoring system specifically designed for educational settings (school, universities, etc) capable to improve air renewal rates in school classrooms and lowering the risk of indirect transmission of viral diseases (such as SARS-CoV2)  through the optimization of natural and mechanical ventilation cycles. It is based on centralized data management from IoT sensors and interactive signaling to the occupants (including alerts for opening windows and doors).   Based on continuous readings of ambient IAQ concentration data (in particular excess CO2), advanced mathematical models and interactive on-field signaling, AULASICURA alerts occupants when and for how long it is appropriate to open the windows or turn on an air purifier or a mech. ventilation system in so called "hybrid mode" to assure always optimal air renewal, thermal comfort and low contagion risk. Moreover, the last version of AulaSicura  based on IA algorithms is able to automatically decide when natural or mechanical ventilation is more appropriate at that specific day. The concept is supported by recent scientific research published in prestigious international journals.

The most advanced version of AULASICURA is based on the statistical algoritms and the rigorous definition of aerosol contagion risk (as different from the simple monitoring of instantaneous CO2 values). An advanced algorithm is able to correctly predict the contagion risk according to continuous environmental monitoring of several parameters.

Lowering CO2 levels in classroom

Important results have been demonstrated and published from on-field tests which prove the efficacy of the interactive self-surveillance system to satisfy the stringent requirements of <= 1000 ppm in school classrooms, indicated from the most recent IAQ regulations. 

Statistics and AI algorithms

The complex statistical mathematical model (which elaborates also the number of occupants in real time)  alert when it is time to open the windows or mechanically ventilate the classroom. Complex algorithms ensure a correct estimate of the ventilation rates of that specific classroom during that specific day,  from the continuos CO2 measurement.

Professional IAQ Monitoring Platform

AULASICURA is also suitable for professional long-term IAQ monitoring and climatic data collection at building as well asurban district scale able to integrate data from thousands of sensors thanks to the LoRaWAN® data transmission protocol.



Based on manual opening of doors and windows (natural ventilation) is perfect where there are no existing HVAC systems or it is just not possible to install them. In winter it allows to also minimize the intervals of air exchange keeping under control the room temperature.


We can interface AULASICURA with any HVAC system via SW customization. The system can intelligently control the effective mechanical ventilation levels based on real time CO2 readings and AI algorithms.

AULASICURA 4.0 : The High-Tech School of the Post-Pandemic era

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